A Guide to Kids' Swimsuit Sizes

How to Find the Right Size Swimwear for Your Kids

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When shopping for swimsuits for your children, it's important to get the right fit. Armed with a tape measure and a little research, you can find the perfect swimsuit for your kids -- no matter their size. Keep these tips and suggestions in mind when shopping for kids' swimsuits.

The Right Fit

When trying on swimwear, have your child reach high above his/her head, twist to the side, bend over and sit down. Look at the swimsuit from all angles. It shouldn't ride up, slip down or bind, no matter what position your child is in.

Buy One Size Up

Sizes by Height

  • 2T - 33-35"
  • 3T - 35-37"
  • 4T - 38-40"
  • 5 - 42"
  • 6 - 45"
  • 7 - 49"
  • 8 - 52"
  • 10 - 55"
  • 12 - 58"
  • 14 - 60"

Online Size Charts

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Swimsuits for Boys

Your Child's Proportions

Adjustable Straps for Girls

Kids grow like weeds. If your child needs a new swimsuit this season, keep these tips in mind to help find the perfect fit.

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