5 Stunning Holiday Makeup Looks You Can Easily Do Yourself

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Soft Smoke

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018/Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

This soft smoky eye is the perfect eyeshadow look to wear this holiday season, because it looks beautiful and dressed, but isn't hard to re-create at home. Smoky eyes don't need to be complicated, in fact, they can be quite simple when applied right. Start by adding an eyeshadow primer to the lid to make sure everything stays in place, then blend the color choice of your shadows on the eyelid with a contour eyeshadow brush. If you want to add a metallic feel to the look, you can incorporate a metallic cream eyeshadow all over the lid or just in the center. Finish lining the eyes and blending the eyeshadow on top of the liner to give it that smoky finish, and complete the look by adding lots of mascara. 

Makeup Artist Tip: Applied too much eyeliner, or eyeshadow under the eyes? Simply clean up where you've over-applied product by adding makeup remover to a Q-tip and gently remove excess shadow for a cleaner finish. 

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The Perfect Winged Liner

Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2017/2018/Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images

Winged eyeliner is one of the most popular trends to wear during the festive holiday season because of the instant statement it makes. You can have on any makeup look, add winged liner, and you've totally stepped up your beauty game in seconds. This is also one of the easiest looks to do when you're short on time, because it's all about the liner and nothing else.

To create the perfect wing, use a liner that has a pointed felt tip to make the application precise. Look straight into the mirror, and draw your line right above the lashes, bringing it slightly outward and up at the corners of the eyes. It's okay if you want to draw the shape first (like a tracing) and then fill it in once you've applied it. Be sure to fill in your brows by shaping them with a powder or pencil, and finish with mascara to complete the look.

Makeup Artist Tip: Winged eyeliner can be intimidating to master at first, but all it takes is a little practice. If you mess up, it's okay, you can always clean it up and try again. The key is having a steady hand when applying and going at a slower pace until you get confident in your technique. Different eye shapes require different winged liner angles, so if you aren't sure where to begin for your particular eye shape, this is a great guide to refer to.

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The Statement Lip

Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018/Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

There's nothing like a bold statement lip to get you in the mood for every holiday party this year, it never fails as a beautiful staple look to wear all year round. When going bold, it can be any color you want it to be as long as you feel amazing wearing it and it matches your skin tone.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before applying your lip color of choice. First, be sure to exfoliate lips regularly to get rid of any dry or patchy skin, as this can show through lipstick and lips won't look as smooth as you want them to. Second, prime your lips with a conditioning treatment so they stay hydrated the entire time you're wearing lipstick. When applying the lip color of your choice, pair it with a matching lipliner to ensure you get the shape perfect. Sometimes using a lipliner can help create a guide for lip shape when you aren't sure where to start. Add lip gloss for shine, or blot a tissue on top for a more matte finish. 

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Flushed Rosy Cheeks

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2018/Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

There's nothing more beautiful than flushed, rosy cheeks that look like they've been out in the cold just long enough. This healthy skin look is gorgeous all year round, and can easily be created with cream blush and highlighter. When wanting to create an overall skin glow, start by applying a light layer of moisturizer and add some liquid highlighter to the skin before foundation. After you've applied foundation, apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks until you get the color you want. You can apply cream with your fingers or with a soft blush brush in a light tapping motion, which helps to easily blend cream and liquid products. Finish by blending a liquid highlighter on top for the perfect flushed and glowing skin. 

Skin feeling or looking dull? Apply a hydrating and illuminating face mask a few times a week to help. Masking will make a huge difference in the overall look of your skin, and makeup will look that much better because of it. 

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Colorful Eyeliner

Sachin & Babi - Runway - New York Fashion Week: Bridal April 2017/JP Yim/Getty Images

Make a statement with colorful eyeliner this holiday season by shaking things up. Instead of gravitating towards the standard black, brown, or navy liner, try something different like white, bright blue or an emerald green. Changing the look of your eyeliner will not only enhance eye color, but will set the tone of your makeup by looking much more creative. You can line the top, or both top and bottom depending on what makes you feel best. Add some natural-looking false eyelashes as the final touch, or a few coats of your favorite mascara. 

Having defined brows is imperative to any eye makeup look, be sure to lightly shape eyebrows with tweezers and fill in where you might need extra help with a brow powder or pencil. This tweezer kit from Huda Beauty is perfect for tweezing and touch-ups. 

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