Army Job MOS 35T Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator

These soldiers keep intelligence gathering equipment functioning well

The Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator makes sure the equipment used by Army military intelligence, including computers and networks, is kept in top working condition. 

This job is categorized as military occupational specialty (MOS) 35T. These soldiers are a crucial part of the Army's intelligence community. 

Duties of MOS 35T

These soldiers maintain, test, and repair communications equipment, including military intelligence computers and networks. They assess and extract data from fixed, portable, and wireless communication devices, and test military intelligence sensors and systems before, during, and after missions. . 

This job is responsible for making detailed tests on electrical and mechanical equipment using such tools as multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, wire diagrams, logic and signal flow charts, technical manuals, troubleshooting charts, performance aids, schematic and logic diagrams, and other measurement and diagnostic equipment.

They maintain electronic warfare and intercept receivers, processing and storage equipment, and computer peripherals. Higher-ranking soldiers supervise lower grade personnel and assist in conducting formal and informal structured on-the-job training programs. At times they may be called upon to act as assistant instructors at the service school.

Training for MOS 35T

Job training for a military intelligence systems maintainer/integrator requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training (boot camp) and 42 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) practicing with equipment. AIT for military intelligence soldiers takes place at Fort Huachuca in Arizona. It's one of the longer advanced training programs, since the material is so sensitive. 

Some of the technical skills you’ll learn include electronic principles, maintenance procedures and computer networks, hardware and software. You'll also learn the basics of maintaining equipment used for intelligence gathering. 

Qualifying for MOS 35T

if you're interested in becoming a military intelligence systems maintainer/integrator in the Army, you need a score of at least 112 on the skilled technical (ST) area of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. Normal color vision is required (meaning no colorblindness), and soldiers in MOS 35T must be American citizens. 

You'll also need to be eligible for a top-secret security clearance from the Department of Defense, since you'll be handling highly sensitive military intelligence information. This requires a background check of finances and character; a criminal history or past drug abuse may be grounds for denying such a clearance.

In addition to obtaining a top-secret security clearance, neither you nor your spouse can have immediate family members residing in a country where physical or mental coercion is known to be a common practice. Soldiers in this job and their spouses can't have commercial or vested interest in such a country.

As with most military intelligence jobs, you're not eligible to be a military intelligence systems maintainer/integrator if you ever served in the Peace Corps. This is to ensure that the separation between the Peace Corps' humanitarian mission and the military is clear. Since Peace Corps volunteers sometimes work in areas hostile to the United States, if an enemy thought those volunteers were collecting intelligence information, it could put them in jeopardy. 

And finally, you need to have a record free of conviction by court-martial, and free of civil convictions other than minor traffic violations.