25 Famous Quotes About Denim by Celebrities and Fashion Icons

Best Style Quotes: Celebrities and Designers Sound Off On Jeans

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz loves to live her real life in blue jeans. Getty Images/Dave M. Benett

Just about everyone has a pair of jeans in their closet — including your favorite celebrities and fashion designers. If you read the fashion and gossip magazines, or celebrity fashion blogs, you've probably noticed how often stars are photographed wearing jeans on the red carpet, as well as in more candid, street style photos.

As an essential fashion item in the wardrobes of both male and female celebrities, it's not a big surprise that blue jeans have inspired plenty of talk and opinions over the years.

It seems just about everyone, from Yves Saint Laurent to Mindy Kaling, has something thought-provoking, cheeky or just plain dishy to say about their love for denim (we're looking at you, Lauren Conrad). Because we love quotes from famous people as much as you do, here's a look at our all-time favorite fashion quotes about blue jeans, from the style icons, trend-setters and taste-makers of our times.

Fashion Designer Quotes About Jeans

"I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity — all I hope for in my clothes." 
-Yves Saint-Laurent

"Jeans represent democracy in fashion."
-Giorgio Armani

"Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. Why are blue jeans a classic? You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right."
-Diane von Furstenberg

"You can make jeans and a t-shirt super stylish.

It's what you make of it, you know?"
- Phillip Lim

Style Icon Quotes About Jeans

"Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola."
-Diana Vreeland

"I want to die with my blue jeans on."
-Andy Warhol

"Tailored jackets with jeans is a great look for all ages. Dress up with a heel and pretty shirt, or just wear a smart T-shirt under the jacket."

Female Celebrity Quotes About Jeans

"I, like most women, dress for other women, I think. If I was going to dress for men, I think in general I would be just wearing, like, a fitted black T-shirt and tight jeans every day."
-Mindy Kaling

"You're never too old to play. You're only too old for low-rise jeans."
-Ellen DeGeneres

"On my best day, I am a seven-point-seven. I could be a hard eight if I felt great. If I went on a good run and had on my best pair of jeans, I could feel right on the money."
-Julia Roberts

"I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. So I wear jeans."
-Cameron Diaz

"I love that whole princess mentality, but I also like throwing my hair in a ponytail and just wearing jeans, going on a hike and then eating a big chili-cheeseburger."
-Jennifer Love Hewitt

"I usually try on at least 20 pairs of jeans before I find something that looks good on me. And even then, I have a trustworthy friend tell me if my butt looks big."
-Amanda Peet

"I'll wear my mom jeans in public that haven't been tailored 'just so' yet, just because they feel good."
-Anne Hathaway

"Nothing is more alluring to a man than a woman who looks good in her jeans."
-Nina Garcia

"In Texas, we practically come out of the womb in jeans."
-Kelly Clarkson

"I almost exclusively wear skinny jeans. I'm terrified of any other cut of denim."
-Lauren Conrad

"I've worn jeans until they're ripped all the way around the crotch and I can't wear them any longer. You get so attached to jeans, they're like old friends."
-Lily Donaldson

"I tend to splurge on fancy dresses because I always think I'll get a lot of wear out of them, but it's false logic. You should really spend more money on the things you wear every day, like jeans."
-Alexa Chung

Male Celebrity Quotes About Jeans 

"For girls, something that accentuates the curves looks sexy. It can be a dress, it can be jeans, it can be a tank top, who cares!"
-Brody Jenner

"The whole world loves American movies, blue jeans, jazz and rock and roll. It is probably a better way to get to know our country than by what politicians or airline commercials represent."
-Billy Joel

"Guys will take one pair of jeans, five T-shirts and three pairs of socks and that'll get you by for 10 weeks."
-Jon Bon Jovi

"I want to wear skinny jeans when I'm in my 70s. Why not? Who cares?"
-Ewan McGregor

"I had holes in my jeans well before it was fashionable."
-Kenny Rogers

"The Victorian era is the sexiest age for me, but I also like a woman in a pair of jeans."
-Dylan McDermott