24 Free Dog Clothes Patterns

Free Patterns for Dog Coats, Shirts, Costumes, and More

These free dog clothes patterns will show you how to make coats, bandanas, pajamas, shirts, dresses, and costumes so your pooch will be the best-dressed dog on the block. 

Each of the patterns has directions and photos, and some even have pattern pieces. There are patterns that are no-sew and some that require a lot of sewing. Take into account your skill set and time when you choose a pattern and the process will go much more smoothly. 

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and you'll get the best fit for the clothes if you measure your dog for clothing by the chest, neck, and back. You can then make alterations to the patterns so they'll fit your dog better.

Getting the fabric to make the clothes for your dog doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. You can upcycle clothes from your own family's closets, scour garage sales and thrift stores, or look for sales at your local fabric store. 

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Free Coat Patterns for Dogs

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Even dogs with long hair get chilly when the weather gets frigid. These free dog clothes patterns will help you make a coat or jacket to keep your furry friend warm.

  • Canine Carhartt Coat: This free dog coat pattern uses an old Carhartt coat and with a few modifications can fit even a larger dog. This pattern should work for any old jacket or coat you have laying around.
  • Recycled Jacket Dog Coat: Use an old windbreaker, fleece, or quilted jacket to make your dog a custom coat.
  • Pleated Wool Coat for Dogs: Make a pea-coat inspired dog coat with this free pattern.
  • Cozy Custom Dog Coat: Sew this dog coat in less than an hour using a free pattern that can be adjusted for any sized pooch.
  • Water Resistant Dog Coats: Use fleece and laminated linen to make these adorable water-resistant dog coats. A free download of the pattern pieces are included. 
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Dog Bandanna Patterns

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Dogs and dog owners alike can't seem to get enough of bandannas. Here are some dog bandana patterns that include ones that are tie-on, over the collar, and reversible. 

  • No Sew Flannel Dog Bandana: All you need is some flannel (other types of fabric would work as well) and some hem tape to make this no-sew tie-on bandana. 
  • How to Sew an Easy Pet Bandana: Grab some fabric and your sewing machine and make an over-the-collar bandana in no time. Includes a free bandana template. 
  • Reversible Dog Bandana Pattern: Use a sewing machine to make a reversible dog bandana that allows two different looks. This one is sewn and then attached with Velcro. 
  • DIY Doggie Dress Shirt Collar: One step up from a bandana is this dress collar pattern. It's a quick and easy project that only takes a shirt collar and some scissors.
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Dog Pajama Patterns

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This group of free dog clothes patterns will make your dog some pajamas. It can be tough to get the right fit for dog pajamas, but these tutorials will help with sizing. 

  • Dog Pajama Pattern: This tutorial shows how to measure your dog so you can make pajamas that will be the perfect fit. 
  • Free Dog Pajama Pattern: Use an old t-shirt to make a pair of pajamas for your dog. Included are pattern pieces and instructions for making them larger or smaller. 
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Dog Dress Patterns

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Does your dog have a special occasion coming up? These patterns are all about getting fancy with free dress patterns. 

  • Pooches Summer Cami Top and Skirt: Get her all ready for summer events with this cami top and skirt dress. Included are free pattern pieces.
  • Bella Frill Dress: Here's a free dress pattern for smaller dogs in sizes small, medium, and large. It snaps on the front and has layers of ruffles on the back. 
  • Homemade Dog Dress for Beginners: A great tutorial on how to make a simple dog dress. Includes instructions for measuring your dog and changing the size of the pattern pieces. 
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Dog Shirt Patterns

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Every small dog needs a shirt to stay warm in the winter. These free dog shirt patterns have everything you need to make one.

  • No Sew Five-Minute Dog Sweater: Upcycle a sweatshirt from your closet or the thrift store to make this no-sew dog shirt. With some scissors and strategic cutting, you'll just need 5 minutes to get it done.
  • Onesie Dog Shirt: Cut up a baby onesie and resew it to make a cuddly shirt for your little dog. 
  • Dog Dress Shirt Pattern: Here's a free dog shirt pattern that uses 5 pattern pieces to make a formal shirt for your dog.
  • Dinosaur Dog Hoodies: Make your dog into a dinosaur with this free dinosaur dog hoodie tutorial.
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Dog Costume Patterns

Dachshund Dressed In Hot Dog Costume For Halloween
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Time to get your dog ready for Halloween with these free costume patterns. There's a great mix of sew and no-sew patterns here for both small and large dogs. 

  • No Sew Small Dog Costumes: This is a free packet you can download that contains several small dog costume patterns like Mad Hatter, Superman, wizard, and a few others. It's all in one PDF file that's free to download. The pattern pieces are all included, making it easy to cut out your material.
  • Dog Witch Costume: Make a witch dress and hat for Halloween this year with this free pattern from Mimi & Tara. This purple and black costume will have your dog casting spells this Halloween.
  • Ladybug Halloween Costume: This is a great costume that's easy to sew and can be altered and used for small and large dogs. It includes instructions on how to make an adorable dog tutu.
  • Dog Taco: Make this adorable costume for your dog with some felt, cardboard, and embroidery floss. Detailed instructions with photos will help you make this costume.
  • Rocket Dog Costume: Upcycle some of your trash and recyclables to make this fun costume for your pooch. It looks like they have a jet pack right on their back! This costume only takes around an hour to put together, so it's a great choice if you're in a pinch.
  • Cupcake Halloween Costume: Start with a paper mache box and some felt and you're on your way to creating this fun cupcake Halloween costume. The cupcake sits right on top of the dog, showing your sweetie off to everyone.