2014 Vans Warped Tour Lineup

All the bands for all the dates...

The 2014 Vans Warped Tour is liable to be filled with surprises, hopefully of epic proportions, as the tour (which is already America's longest running touring festival) will be celebrating its 20th year on the road.

That's sure to lead to some big names, as well as some big rumors, on the lineup for the tour.

Official Bands

The following bands have been officially announced for the 2014 Warped Tour:

ACDIC (6/13-6/22)
Air Dubai (Full Tour)
Alive Like Me (Full Tour)
A Lot Like Birds (6/14-7/11)
American Pin-Up (7/15-7/24)
Anberlin (6/14-7/6, 7/16-8/3)
Antiserum (Full Tour)
A Skylit Drive (Full Tour)
Attila (Full Tour)
Bad Rabbits (Full Tour)
Bayside (Full Tour)
Beartooth (Full Tour)
Beebs And Her Money Makers (Full Tour)
Born Of Osiris (Full Tour)
Bowling For Soup (6/17-6/26, 7/8-7/20)
Breathe Carolina (Full Tour)
Chelsea Grin (Full Tour)
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Full Tour)
The Color Morale (Full Tour)
Courage My Love (Full Tour)
Crizzly (Full Tour)
Cursed Sails (6/13-6/29)
Cute is What We Aim For (Full Tour)
Dangerkids (6/13-7/13)
Dayshell (Full Tour)
The Devil Wears Prada (Full Tour)
DJ Nicola Bear (Full Tour)
DJ Scout (Full Tour)
Enter Shikari (7/9-8/3)
Every Time I Die (Full Tour)
Echosmith (Full Tour)
Falling In Reverse (Full Tour)
Finch (6/13-7/6)
Fit For A King (7/15-8/3)
For All Those Sleeping (Full Tour)
For Today (Full Tour)
Four Year Strong (Full Tour)
Get Scared (Full Tour)
The Ghost Inside (Full Tour)
Ghost Town (6/13-7/8, 7/12,13)
Heart To Heart (6/13-7/13)
Ice Nine Kills (Full Tour)
Icon For Hire (Full Tour)
I Fight Dragons (Full Tour)
I the Mighty (7/12-8/3)
K.Flay (Full Tour)
Issues (Full Tour)
Less Than Jake (Full Tour)
Lionize (Full Tour)
The Lost Boys (7/16-7/20)
Lost In Society (7/25-8/3)
Marmozets (7/4-8/3)
Mayday Parade (Full Tour)
MC Chris (Full Tour)
Mixtapes (Full Tour)
Mod Sun (7/8-7/15)
Motionless In White (Full Tour)
Naked Walrus (6/20-6/26)
Neck Deep (Full Tour)
Nit GriT (Full Tour)
Of Mice & Men (7/8-8/3)
One OK Rock (6/13-7/6)
Pacific Dub (Full Tour)
Parkway Drive (7/2-8/3)
Plague Vendor (Full Tour)
The Protomen (Full Tour)
Pvris (7/2-7/13)
The Ready Set (Full Tour)
Real Friends (Full Tour)
Saves The Day (Full Tour)
Scare Don't Fear (Full Tour)
SECRETS (Full Tour)
Shot In The Dark (6/20)
Sleeper Agent (7/11-7/29)

Stray From The Path (Full Tour)
The Story So Far (Full Tour)
The Summer Set (Full Tour)
Survive This! (Full Tour)
Tear Out The Heart (Full Tour)
Terror (Full Tour)
Teenage Bottlerocket (Full Tour)
TheCityShakeUp (Full Tour)
Watsky (Full Tour)
This Wild Life (Full Tour)
To The Wind (7/15-8/3)
Unlocking The Truth (7/11-7/15)
Uh Huh Baby Yeah! - Barbecue Band (Full Tour)
Vanna (Full Tour)
Wax (Full Tour)
We Are The In Crowd (Full Tour)
We The Kings (Full Tour)
The Word Alive
Yellowcard (6/13-7/28, 7/30-8/3)

Acoustic Basement Lineup

Bad Rabbits (Full Tour)
Better Off (7/22-7/29)
PJ Bond (7/6-7/19)
Buttons (6/20-6/25)
Divided Heaven (7/20, 7/30-8/3)
Tess Dunn (6/21)
Elder Brother (Full Tour)
Front Porch Step (Full Tour)
Mike Herrera (MXPX) (6/28, 6/29, 7/6-7/19)
I The Mighty (7/12-8/3)
Light Years (Full Tour)
Rob Lynch (6/13-7/6)
Brian Marquis (Full Tour)
Anthony Raneri (Bayside) (Full Tour)
Nick Santino (A Rocket To The Moon) (Full Tour)
That's Not My Baby (6/20-6/25)
Allison Weiss (7/20-8/3)
Young Statues (Full Tour)

An official rumor?

Shot in the Dark - Corona, CA band Shot In The Dark became the first band officially announced for next year's tour when Lyman announced on his Twitter feed that they'd been signed. A band formed just this year at the West Coast Rock School of Corona, California, the band is fronted by 11-year-old Jacob Chabot, with Jarod DeShong (12) on drums, Austin Schmidt (16) on lead guitar, Taylor Martino (14) on rhythm guitar, and Spike Snyder (15) on bass guitar. Lyman also tweeted that "11 year old Jacob is a bad ass," and I'm inclined to agree. While Shot In The Dark has yet to record or release anything, their YouTube channel has a collection of live clips exhibiting some serious rock from these pint-sized rockers.


Here are the bands we've heard rumored for the tour so far.


According to a few message boards online, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman posted some rumors regarding the band's appearance next year. Depending on the source, Lyman either said something to the effect of "look for NOFX next year," or that they "may play next year." A scour of his twitter feed reveals no such posts, so it may have been deleted. The one thing that's known for certain is that NOFX has been announced to be headlining the Rebellion Fest in Blackpool, England in the summer of 2014, so if they are going to be making an appearance at Warped, it won't be for the entire run.

Andrew WK

He's the hardest partier in rock and roll, a self-professed brony, and known for bringing energetic sets to the Vans Warped Tour, so it would be no surprise if Andrew WK showed up on the 20th anniversary tour. Another rumor (this one verifiable) has arisen from Kevin Lyman's twitter, based on an exchange between Lyman and Andrew WK back in April.

Andrew WK posted:

@KevinLyman Just thinking about you and all the amazing times, and wanted to say THANK YOU and PARTY HARD, Kevin!

To which Lyman replied:

@AndrewWK save aug 9 and 10th 2014 for the 20th anniversary decades show have to have you on the show, to party hard with all the bands

Who knows if the exchange carries any weight, or if it was just a bit of rock and roll pillow talk? We'll see if it transforms into actual dates.

Bring Me The Horizon

Pupfresh.com has posted that British metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes announced at the West Palm Beach date of the Warped Tour that they would be back on the tour in 2014. Again, while it would be no surprise if these Warped Tour veterans made the trek in 2014, I am leery of giving too much weight to these sort of statements, possibly made while under the influence of the adoration of the fans. Back in 1999, Ice T announced at the end of an incredible set in Detroit that his hardcore band Body Count had been signed to play in 2000, something that never transpired. That being said, a reunited Body Count is playing at the 2013 Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, so perhaps Kevin should get on the phone and get them to deliver on that promise that Ice T made over a decade ago...


This is one that sits firmly in the realm of rumor and speculation, In October, Kevin Lyman posted this on his Twitter feed:

do any of you guys remember @oreskaband think we should try to get them back on warped

Without the inclusion of punctuation, it's tough to tell if he's asking his followers if he should try to get the all-girl Japanese ska group back, or if he's saying he thinks he should try to get them back. What's known for sure is that they were on the tour in 2008, and Lyman was a big fan. I caught their set at his insistence, and whole-heartedly agree. They played fast tight ska punk that hammered it's way through the barriers set up by the band's limited English. OreSkaBand released Hot Number in February of this year, and if they return to Warped, there's a good chance they'll be one of the hottest numbers on this year's tour.

Who will not be playing the 2014 Vans Warped Tour?

Touché Amoré

Although it's too soon the fully explore the lineup of the 2014 Vans Warped Tour, it's definite that one band will not be on the tour, and that's Los Angeles-based post-hardcore band Touché Amoré. When asked by OC Weekly if the band would ever play Warped Tour frontman Jeremy Bolm said:

No way, not at all. Nothing against our friends who have done it. Last year, Title Fight; this year, Defeater is doing it, which is fine. I appreciate that there are honest bands that are on it. There are kids who have no idea about this world, who if they see a band like Title Fight or a band like Defeater that maybe it will open their eyes a little bit to our world as opposed to a world with misogyny and ignorance and nothing to offer any-body which is what 95 percent of what Warped Tour is. (The interview is here.)

It's a bit of a convoluted statement that's heavily laden with PC buzzwords and no concrete example, but while I'm not sure what it is about 95 percent of Warped Tour that makes it filled with "misogyny and ignorance", it's certain that Bolm is not in love with the tour. We'll be keeping track of more rumors regarding the 2014 Vans Warped Tour as they arise, and we also want to hear from you: who are you hoping will turn out in order to help Lyman and the Warped Tour celebrate the beginning of their second decade?