2014-2016 Corvette OEM Tires: About the Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP

2014 Chevrolet Corvette tires

Tires are the keystone for handling and performance, a fact that Corvette engineers don't take lightly. Which is why when they were going through the design process for the C7, they didn't just blindly hand a tire contract to Michelin, who had been outfitting new Corvettes for several years. Winning a tire shootout among top brands was the first step for Michelin; the second was to redesign the tire for a better blend of performance and comfort. 

About the Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP

The Pilot Super Sport (PSS) is Michelin's full-pressure ultra-high performance (UHP) summer tire—its Y speed rating means it's capable of speeds up to 186 miles per hour, far faster than most will be taking their Corvette. 

Car and Driver gave it first place in their summer performance tire test, saying, "It felt firm and planted on the dry autocross and brought the steering wheel to life in our hands." In comparison to UHP tires by Continental, Yokohama, Hankook, and Dunlop, editors said the PSS "has the best balance of wet and dry performance we've ever experienced."

It was the lightest tire (by several pounds) in Hot Rod magazine's test, where drivers report that it's "awesome at the front turn-in and under straight-line braking and acceleration but not as stable coming out of the apex." After rigorous comparison tests, experts at Consumer Reports also name the PSS as one of the best performers in the summer ultra-high performance class. 

The 2014 Corvette Stingray features the Pilot Super Sport ZP, which is the run-flat version of the PSS. These are a "cross between Michelin’s PS2 and PS Cup tires and were engineered for the C7 Corvette using the exact same computer models that Michelin used to create tires for the Corvette C6.R race cars," says Keith Cornett at CorvetteBlogger.com. "The new tires even incorporate many of the same rubber mixes in its construction too."

The PSS ZPs belong to the summer-only tire category: their best performance is on dry pavement, with treadwear designs and siping to help shed water for better grip and increased resistance to hydroplaning in the wet. This class of tire offers the "highest level of street performance," says Sean Phillips, the tire expert for About.com. Summer UHP tires "trade off wet grip capabilities and comfortable ride qualities to deliver the maximum dry grip and performance available. While these are not specifically track tires, they are best used in situations where competition-level performance is needed." Depending on the climate, it may be necessary to switch to winter tires.

The UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grade) of 300/AA/A means the PSS ZP has the highest traction measurable for passenger tires and the best temperature rating—in short, the PSS ZP is very sticky and resists degradation at high speeds. But the softer compound used to achieve maximum grip comes at a price: the 300 treadwear rating is significantly lower than an all-season tire for a much shorter life (a common disadvantage for ultra-high performance tires). At TireRack.com, owners say the Michelin PSS ZP lasts longer than the average UHP tire, with many owners clocking as much as 30,000 miles per set. Michelin also includes a 6-year, 30,000-mile treadwear warranty. The Pilot Super Sport ZP is available in four sizes, listed below.

What Do Reviews Say?

What kind of handling and performance does the Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP give the C7 Corvette Stingray? Experts take it to the track to find out and weigh in with their thoughts in this review. 


Speed rating:


Max speed:

186 mph

UTQG treadwear:


UTQG traction:


UTQG temperature


Load range:

Standard Load

Tire weight (pounds):

27 to 33 (depending on tire size)

Tire revolutions per mile:

770 to 809 (depending on tire size)

Treadwear warranty:

6 years, 30,000 miles

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