The 2013 Vans Warped Tour Lineup

The bands slated for the tour were:

3OH!3 (6/30-7/14)
Action Item (Full Tour)
Alvarez Kings (Full Tour)
Allstar Weekend (Full Tour)
The Amity Affliction (Full Tour)
Anarbor (Full Tour)
The Aquabats (7/19-7/22, 7/26-7/29)
Architects (UK) (Full Tour)
Art of Shock (Full Tour)
Attila (6/15-7/11)
August Burns Red (Full Tour)
Bangups (7/2-7/14)
Beebs And Her Money Makers (Full Tour)
Beware of Darkness (6/15-7/3)
Big Chocolate (Full Tour)
Big D And The Kids Table (6/26-8/4)
Billy Talent (7/19-8/4)
The Black Dahlia Murder (Full Tour)
Black Veil Brides (Full Tour)
blessthefall (Full Tour)
Bowling For Soup (8/2-4)
Bring Me The Horizon (6/19-8/4)
The Chariot (Full Tour)
Chiodos (Full Tour)
Citizen (Full Tour)
The City ShakeUp (Full Tour)
The Cleopatra Complex (7/12-8/4)
Crizzly (6/16-6/22, 6/26-6/27, 6/29-7/12, 7/14-8/4)
Crossfaith (Full Tour)
Crown The Empire (Full Tour)
Defeater (7/12-8/4)
Dose of Adolescence (7/16-7/25)
Driver Friendly (7/5-7/21)
The Early November (Full Tour)
Echosmith (6/15-7/12)
Emily’s Army (6/15-7/3, 7/6-7/11)
The Exposed (6/15-6/29)
Five Knives (Full Tour)
Forever Came Calling (6/15-7/3, 7/6-8/4)
Forever the Sickest Kids (Full Tour)
For The Foxes (Full Tour)
Goldfinger (6/15-6/23)
Goldhouse (6/15-6/23)
Go Radio (Full Tour)
Handguns (6/15-7/3, 7/6-8/4)
Hands Like Houses (Full Tour)
Heritage (7/23-8/4)
Ice Nine Kills (6/15-7/3)
The Indecent (7/13-8/4)
I See Stars (Full Tour)
Issues (7/23-8/4)
Itch (Full Tour)
Stephan Jacobs (Full Tour)
Kairo Kingdom (Full Tour)
Gabe Kubanda (6/20-6/28)
letlive. (Full Tour)
Like Moths To Flames (Full Tour)
Lionz of Zion (7/6-7/21)
Lost In Atlantis (6/20-6/28)
Mac Lethal (Full Tour)
Madchild (Full Tour)
Man Overboard (Full Tour)
MC Lars (Full Tour)
Memphis May Fire (Full Tour)
Middle Finger Salute (Full Tour)
Mixtapes (7/23-8/4)
Mighty Mongo (6/15-7/12)
Motion City Soundtrack (Full Tour)
Never Shout Never (Full Tour)
New Beat Fund (6/15-7/3)
New Empire (7/6-8/4)
New Years Day (Full Tour)
No Bragging Rights (6/15-7/3, 7/6-8/4)
Oh, Sleeper (Full Tour)
Outasight (Full Tour)
Pacific Dub (6/15-7/3)
Psycho White (6/15-6/30)
RDGLDGRN (Full Tour)
Real Friends (6/15-7/3)
Reel Big Fish (Full Tour)
Relient K (7/3,7/18, 7/24)
Run DMT (Full Tour)
Secrets (7/6-7/21)
Set It Off (6/15-7/3, 7/6-8/4)
The Sheds (7/26-8/4)
Shy KidX. (Full Tour)
Silverstein (Full Tour)
Sleeping With Sirens (Full Tour)
Stick To Your Guns (Full Tour)
Story of the Year (7/9-7/23)
The Story So Far (Full Tour)
Strawberry Blondes (6/15-7/3, 7/6-8/4
The Summer Set (Full Tour)
Super Water Sympathy (7/13-8/4
The Swellers (6/15-7/12))
Texas In July (7/23-8/4)
Tonight Alive (Full Tour)
Upon A Burning Body (Full Tour)
Wallpaper (Full Tour)
We Came As Roamns (Full Tour)
While She Sleeps (Full Tour)
Gin Wigmore (Full Tour)
Woe, Is Me (Full Tour)
The Wonder Years (Full Tour)
The Used (7/5-7/17, 7/25-7/31)
Volumes (7/6-7/21)
Young London (Full Tour)

Acoustic Basement Lineup for 2013

I Can Make A Mess (Ace Enders of The Early November) (Full Tour)
Alcoa (Derek of Defeater) (7/11-8/4)
Allison Weiss (6/15-7/10)
Billy The Kid (6/26-7/6)
Charlie Simpson (7/13-8/4)
Austin Lucas (6/26-7/12)
Craig Owens (Full Tour)
Kevin Seconds (6/19-6/21)
Matt Embree (RX Bandits) (6/15-6/23)
Monte Pittman (6/22-6/23)
Owen Plant (6/15-6/23)
The American Scene (Full Tour)
Vinnie Caruana (7/7-8/4)
William Beckett (Full Tour)
Brian Marquis (Full Tour)
The Tower and The Fool (7/11-7/14)
Charlotte Sometimes (7/6-7, 7/10, 7/16)
Joey Briggs (6/15-6/21, 6/23-6/28)
Travis Alexander (7/11-7/14)
American Opera (7/17-7/20)
Tidewater (8/2-8/4)
McDougall (6/15-6/16)
Mandolyn Mae (7/23-7/24)
City of Ghosts (7/31)
Tess Dunn (6/22)
Tyler Matl (7/25)

The decades-old Vans Warped tour is officially the longest running festival tour in the States, and it has helped to launch the careers of countless bands from a wider and wider array of genres each year.

Originally launched in 1995 with a lineup that was predominantly punk, the tour has expanded to include a variety of pop and hip hop acts. It has helped to launch the careers of bands like My Chemical Romance and Katy Perry. It has also served as a forum for bands that merge sounds, including 3OH3! and the band that holds the title for worst band ever - brokeNCYDE with their painful creation, crunkcore.

In addition to the official announcements, we kept tabs on all of the rumors.


In an interview with with Kerrang! magazine, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman announced that British metalcore band "Bring Me The Horizon's going to be out with us all next summer," something that in this writer's opinion counts as an official announcement. Update: They'll were there but not for the whole summer.

According to another interview, California pop punk band Forever Came Falling was the first band officially confirmed for the 2013 lineup, as Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman announced that the band was the first band confirmed for 2013 when they played at a screening of No Room For Rockstars.

The internets were saying that Orange County hardcore band Stick To Your Guns had confirmed that they would be appearing on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. Update: This rumor was officially confirmed.

In addition, a handful of other rumors were circulating, including speculation that bands We Came As Romans, The Wonder Years, Memphis May Fire, and blessthefall would be appearing on the tour, but much of this seemed linked to survey results about who folks wanted to see and may or may not have had any bearing on the actual lineup for 2013. Update: blessthefall, Memphis May Fire, The Wonder Years, and We Came As Romans were all confirmed.

Many wished for a solid punk rock lineup from Lyman and co. in upcoming years. (Seriously, how great would it be to see Warped return more fully to its punk rock roots, leaving many of the other offerings from recent years to spawn their own tours that cater exclusively to the 14-year-old girls that love them?) You can help prepare by making sure you already have everything you need for next year's Warped Tour and keeping your thoughts Warped.