2009 Honda Motorcycle Buyer's Guide

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VFR 1200 F (2010 Model)

2010 Honda VFR100F
The 2010 Honda VFR1200F (price TBD) features an available dual-clutch transmission, an all-new throttle-by-wire 1,237cc V4 engine, and available touring amenities like hard saddlebags and a tall windscreen. Photo © Honda

Pictures, prices, and info on every 2009 Honda, including early 2010 models

Here is pricing and information on every offroad and on-road 2009 Honda motorcycle.

This buyer's guide also includes 2010 releases as they're confirmed, including the VFR1200F and NT700V sport tourers, Elite and SH150i scooters, the Fury chopper and Interstate, Sabre, and Stateline variants, as well as the new Shadow RS cruiser and ST1300 sport tourer.

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Fury (2010 model)

2010 Honda Fury
The 2010 Honda Fury (base price $12,999) is Honda's first true factory custom chopper, featuring a 1,312cc liquid-cooled V-twin sourced from the VTX1300 cruiser. The Fury's rake measures 38 degrees, and the seat is 26.7 inches high. Photo © Honda
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Stateline (2010 Model)

2010 Honda Stateline
Available in Black or Candy Dark Red, the Fury-derived Stateline is priced at $11,699, or $12,699 with ABS. The non-ABS version will be in dealerships in February, 2010, while the ABS version will be available in March. Photo © Honda
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Interstate (2010 Model)

2010 Honda Interstate
Priced at $12,749, the 2010 Honda Interstate is a touring variant of the Fury chopper, and features hard leather bags, a windscreen, and floorboards. The Interstate will be available in Black or Pearl Blue, and will hit dealerships in February. Photo © Honda
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Sabre (2010 Model)

2010 Honda Sabre
The Fury-derived Sabre is priced at $11,799, and $12,799 for an ABS-equipped version. The models will hit dealerships in March and April of 2010, respectively. Photo © Honda
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Shadow RS (2010 Model)

2010 Honda Shadow RS
The 2010 Honda Shadow RS is priced at $7,799, and is powered by a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 745cc v-twin powerplant. The roadster-style bike is available in Metallic Gray and Pearl White, and will be in dealerships in March, 2010. Photo © Honda
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Elite (2010 model)

2010 Honda Elite
The 2010 Honda Elite scooter (price TBD) is powered by a 108cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine, and offers enough underseat storage for a full-face helmet. Photo © Honda
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SH150i (2010 model)

2010 Honda SH150i
The new Honda SH150i scooter (base price $4,499) is powered by a 153cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine mated to a V-Matic automatic transmission. The SH150i's seat height is 30.9 inches, and big 16-inch wheels promises stable handling. Photo © Honda
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ST1300 (2010 Model)

2010 Honda ST1300
The 2010 Honda ST1300's price has not yet been released, but the 1,261cc V4-powered sport tourer will be in dealerships in March, and will have available ABS. Other features include a three-way adjustable saddle, motorized windscreen, and dual saddlebags. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda Ruckus
The 2009 Honda Ruckus (base price $2,499) is powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a V-Matic automatic transmission. Oversized tires offer a rugged look, and some owners report getting 100 mpg from their Ruckuses. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda Metropolitan
The 2009 Honda Metropolitan scooter (base price $2,399) is powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that allows speeds of up to 40 mph. The Metropolitan has an automatic V-Matic transmission and a lockable, 22 liter underseat storage area. Photo © Honda
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Silver Wing

2009 Honda Silver Wing
The 2009 Honda Silver Wing (base price $8,499) is a maxi scooter with a 582cc parallel twin-cylinder engine and Combined Brake System with available ABS. The Silver Wing has 55-liters of underseat storage and an adjustable rider backrest. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda Rebel
The 2009 Honda Rebel (base price $3,999) is a beginner-friendly cruiser with an air-cooled 234cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. A low seat height of 26.6 inches and a curb weight of 331 pounds make it easy to handle. Photo © Honda

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Shadow Aero

2009 Honda Shadow Aero
The 2009 Honda Shadow Aero (base price $7,699) is powered by a 745cc liquid-cooled V-twin powerplant with a single carburetor and 2-into-2 exhaust pipes. Its shaft drive offers low maintenance, and seat height measures 25.9 inches. Photo © Honda

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Shadow Spirit 750

2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750
The 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 (base price $7,699) is powered by a 745cc liquid-cooled, carbureted V-twin engine. A 25.7 inch seat height makes the Shadow Spirit 750 beginner friendly. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda VTX1300R
The 2009 Honda VTX1300R (base price $10,299) features deeply valanced front and rear fenders, a chrome-hooded headlight, semi-swept handlebar and floorboards with heel-and-toe shifter. The VTX1300R is powered by a 1,312cc liquid-cooled V-twin. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda VTX1300C
The 2009 Honda VTX1300C (base price $10,199) features custom cast wheels and minimalist fenders. Powered by a liquid-cooled 1,312cc V-twin with a five-speed transmission, the VTX1300C has a 27.5 inch seat height. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda VTX1300T
The 2009 Honda VTX1300T (base price $11,499) comes equipped for touring. The VTX1300T features a windscreen, leather saddlebags with 24-liters of capacity, and a chrome passenger backrest. The VTX1300T is powered by a 1,312cc V-twin, like all VTX models. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CBR600RR
The 2009 Honda CBR600RR (base price $10,499) features a 599cc inline-4 engine that redlines at 15,000 rpm, a MotoGP-derived electronic steering damper, and a Hollow Fine Die-Cast frame for lightweight construction. Curb weight is 410 pounds. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS
The 2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS (base price $10,499) wears new bodywork and features improved mid-range torque from its 599cc inline-4 engine, which redlines at 15,000 rpm. The advanced ABS system applies braking to both front and rear wheels. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CBR1000RR
The 2009 Honda CBR1000RR (base price $12,999, seen here in Repsol colors priced at $13,499) claims to be the lightest, most compact, and best performance motorcycle in its class. The lightweight aluminum frame helps it attain a curb weight of 439 lbs. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS
The 2009 Honda CBR1000RR ABS (base price $13,999) features combined ABS. The 999cc inline 4-cylinder engine features two injectors per cylinder. Other features include a MotoGP-derived electronic steering damper and slipper clutch. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda Interceptor
The 2009 Honda Interceptor (base price $11,999) features a VTEC-equipped 781cc V-4 engine and Honda's Combined Braking System. ABS is available, and a 5.8 gallon fuel capacity offers long range sport-touring possibilities. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda ST1300
The 2009 Honda ST1300 (base price $15,999) is powered by a 1,261cc liquid-cooled V-4 engine. ST1300 features include a three-position rider seat, a motor-driven adjustable windscreen, and a 5.5 gallon gas tank with an additional 2.2 gallons in a sub-tank. Photo © Honda
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ST1300 ABS

2009 Honda ST1300 ABS
The 2009 Honda ST1300 ABS (base price $17,199) is a $1,200 premium over the non ABS-equipped model, and is powered by a 1,261cc liquid-cooled V-4 engine. Features include a motor-driven adjustable windscreen, and saddlebags which hold 35 liters each. Photo © Honda
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ST1300PA Police Motorcycle

2009 Honda ST1300PA
The 2009 Honda ST1300PA is specially equipped for police duty. Features include an adjustable dual-density solo seat, a speedometer graduated in 2-mph increments, special brackets for lights, sirens, and radio equipment, and a 7.7 gallon fuel tank. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda DN-01
The 2009 Honda DN-01 (base price $15,599) is what Honda calls a "crossover," and it features a 680cc, liquid-cooled V-twin engine coupled with an automatic, continuously variable transmission. The DN-01 has a relatively low 27.2 inch seat and ABS. Photo © Honda
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Gold Wing

2009 Honda Gold Wing
The 2009 Honda Gold Wing (base price $22,099) features an 1,832cc flat-six powerplant and loads of touring-friendly features. New for 2009 is available XM Radio, XM NavTraffic, and XM NavWeather, as well as a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda CRF230L
The 2009 Honda CRF230L (base price $4,999) is a dual-purpose motorcycle powered by a 223cc, air-cooled single-cylinder powerplant. Capable of offroad and on-road riding, the CRF230L has a 31.9 inch seat height and 9.5 inches of ground clearance. Photo © Honda

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2009 Honda XR650L
The 2009 Honda XR650L (base price $6,499) is powered by a 644cc single-cylinder engine. This dual purpose motorcycle has electric start and 11.6 inches of travel up front, with 11.0 inches at the rear. Seat height is 37 inches. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF230M
The 2009 Honda CRF230M (base price $5,399) is based on the dual-purpose CRF230L, and wears 17-inch wheels with street tires, classifying it as a supermoto bike. The CRF230M has a single-cylinder 223cc air-cooled engine and a 31.7 inch seat height. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF50F
The 2009 Honda CRF50F (base price, $1,349) is currently not available due to the ban on lead parts in children's products. The CRF50F is powered by a 49cc single-cylinder engine with an automatic clutch and three-speed transmission. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF70F
The 2009 Honda CRF70F (base price $1,899) is a kid-friendly dirtbike with a 72cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. A semi-automatic three-speed transmission offers clutch-free shifting, and a curb weight of 139 lbs makes it easy to handle. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF80F
The 2009 Honda CRF80F (base price $2,299) is the next step up from the CRF70F, and features an 80cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine and a five-speed transmission. The CRF70F has 5.5 inches of front suspension travel and a 28.9 inch seat height. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF100F
The 2009 Honda CRF100F (base price $2,699) is powered by a 99cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that uses a kick start. A 27mm Showa front fork offers 5.2 inches of suspension travel, and curb weight is 174 pounds. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF150R
The 2009 Honda CRF150R (base price $4,699) is a motocross bike powered by a 149cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. The CRF150R Expert (or CRF150RB, base price $4,799) is setup for taller riders, with bigger wheels and a taller seat. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF150F
The 2009 Honda CRF150F (base price $3,399) features a 149cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with electric start and a five-speed transmission. The Pro Link rear suspension offers 8.9 inches of travel, and seat height measures 32.5 inches. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF230F
The 2009 Honda CRF230F (base price $3,899) is the trail version of the CRF230L, and features a 223cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine with electric start and a six-speed transmission. Seat height is 34.1 inches, and curb weight is 249 lbs. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF230R
The 2009 Honda CRF230R (base price $6,999) is a motocross bike equipped with a 249cc liquid-cooled, four-valve, single-cylinder engine. Among its 2009 improvements are better low and mid-range power, a new rear brake rotor, and longer exhaust headers. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF450X
The 2009 Honda CRF450X (base price $7,899) is an enduro bike powered by a liquid-cooled 449cc powerplant. The CRF450X has a curb weight of 269 pounds, a seat height of 37.9 inches, and 12.4 inches of suspension travel. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF250X
The 2009 Honda CRF250X (base price $7,149) features a 249cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. 12.4 inches of suspension travel offers plenty of shock absorption, and the CRF250X has a 37.7 inch seat height and 13.6 inches of ground clearance. Photo © Honda
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2009 Honda CRF450R
The 2009 Honda CRF450R (base price $7,999) features an all-new engine with electronic fuel injection. The CRF450R'ss 449cc powerplant produces 56.3 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, and front suspension travel is 12.2 inches, while the rear measures 12.6 inches. Photo © Honda