2003 WWE Results During the First Year of Brand-Exclusive PPV Events

Kurt Angle and Triple H with championship belts.

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

In 2003, WWE presented brand-exclusive pay-per-view events for the first time. On the RAW side of things, Triple H dominated the main event scene with the help of Evolution, a faction that also consisted of Ric Flair and second-year stars Randy Orton and BatistaThe Class of 2002 shined bright on SmackDown as well as on Brock Lesnar, who was the big star of that brand.

Royal Rumble at FleetCenter January 9, 2003

Brock Lesnar beat The Big Show in the Royal Rumble qualifying match at this event. In the World Tag Team title match, The Dudley Boyz beat Lance Storm and William Regal to win the titles. Torrrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie in a women's match, and Scott Steiner beat Champion Triple H by DQ in the World Heavyweight Title. And in the WWE title match, incumbent champion Kurt Angle beat Chris Benoit. Brock Lesnar won the Royal Rumble by being the last to eliminate The Undertaker.

No Way Out at Bell Centre February 23, 2003

Chris Jericho beat Jeff Hardy at the "No Way Out" PPV event. In the World Tag Team title match, champions Lance Storm and William Regal beat Rob Van Dam and & Kane. Matt Hardy beat Billy Kidman to win the Cruiserweight title match.

The Undertaker beat The Big Show in another match, and Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle and The World's Greatest Tag Team in a handicap match. World Heavyweight Champion Triple H beat Scott Steiner in a title match. Steve Austin beat Eric Bischoff and The Rock beat Hulk Hogan in two other matches of the event.

WrestleMania XIX at Safeco Field March 30, 2003

Champion Matt Hardy beat Rey Mysterio to keep the Cruiserweight title. The Undertaker beat The Big Show and A-Train in a handicap match. Trish Stratus beat the women's title champion Victoria and Jazz to win the title for herself. Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas beat Los Guerreros and Chris Benoit and Rhyno to maintain the WWE tag team title.

In another match, Shawn Michaels beat Chris Jericho. Champion Triple H beat Booker T in a World Heavyweight title match. In two other matches, Hulk Hogan beat Vince McMahon and The Rock beat Steve Austin. To cap off the WrestleMania event, Brock Lesnar beat Champion Kurt Angle to win the WWE title.

Backlash at Centrum April 27, 2003

Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas beat Los Guerreros in the WWE Tag Team title match at the "Backlash" event. In another match, Sean O'Haire beat Rikishi. Champions Rob Van Dam and Kane beat The Dudley Boyz in the World Tag Team title match.

Keeping the action going, Jazz won the women's title from Trish Stratus. The Big Show beat Rey Mysterio in another match. Champion Brock Lesnar beat John Cena in a WWE title match. Goldberg beat The Rock in another match, and the team of Triple H, Ric Flair, and Chris Jericho beat Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, and Booker T in a huge, show-stopping match.

Judgment Day at Charlotte Coliseum May 18, 2003

During "Judgement Day," John Cena and The FBI beat Chris Benoit, Rhyno, and Brian Kendrick. La Resistance beat Scott Steiner and Test in another match. In a thrilling Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team title, Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri beat champions The Worlds Greatest G Team to win the titles.

In a Battle Royal for the Intercontinental title, Christian won by last eliminating Booker T. Mr. America beat Roddy Piper in another match and Kevin Nash beat champion Triple H by DQ for the World Heavyweight title. Champion Jazz beat Trish Stratus, Victoria, and Jackie in the women's title match. And in an exciting Stretcher Match for the WWE title, champion Brock Lesnar beat The Big Show.

Bad Blood (RAW) at Compaq Center June 15, 2003

Chris Nowinski and Rodney Mack beat The Dudley Boyz at "Bad Blood." Scott Steiner beat Test to win the managerial service of Stacy Keibler, and Booker T beat champion Christian via DQ to win the Intercontinental title. La Resistance beat Rob Van Dam and Kane to win the World Tag Team title.

In two more action-packed matches, Goldberg beat Chris Jericho and Ric Flair beat Shawn Michaels. The "Hell in a Cell" World Heavyweight title match featured Mick Foley as a special guest referee. Ultimately, Triple H beat Kevin Nash to maintain his title.

Vengeance (SmackDown) at Pepsi Arena July 27, 2003

Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Benoit to become the United States champion at "Vengeance." Jamie Knoble beat Billy Gunn in a match with high stakes. Due to pre-match stipulations, Knoble won the right to sleep with Torrie Wilson. Bradshaw won by last eliminating Brother Love in the APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl.

In the WWE Tag Team title match, champions The World's Greatest Tag Team beat Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio. Sable beat Stephanie McMahon in a No Count-Out match. In other matches, The Undertaker beat John Cena and Vince McMahon beat Zach Gowen. Kurt Angle beat champion Brock Lesnar and The Big Show to win the WWE title.

SummerSlam at America West Arena August 24, 2003

At the World Tag Team title championship match during "SummerSlam," defending champs La Resistance beat The Dudley Boyz. The Undertaker beat Albert in another match, and Shane McMahon won against Eric Bischoff. To defend the U.S. title, champion Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Benoit, Tajiri, and Rhyno. Kane beat Rob Van Dam in another match. Champion Kurt Angle beat Brock Lesnar to defend his WWE title. And in a huge Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship, defending champion Triple H took on Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho to retain his title.

Unforgiven (RAW) at Giant Center September 21, 2003

At the "Unforgiven" event, The Dudley Boyz beat La Resistance and Rob Conway to win the World Tag Team title in a Handicap Tables match. After Scott Steiner lost a match to Test, he became Test's property due to pre-match stipulations. Randy Orton beat Shawn Michaels in another match.

Lita and Trish Stratus beat Molly Holly and Gail Kim in a woman's match, and Kane beat Shane McMahon in a Last Man Standing match. Intercontinental champion Christian beat Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho to maintain his title. Al Snow and The Coach beart Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in a special match where the winners would get the chance to announce an episode of "Raw." In a thrilling matchup, Goldberg beat Triple H to win the World Heavyweight title

No Mercy (SmackDown) at First Mariner Arena October 19, 2003

Champion Tajiri beat Rey Mysterio to maintain the Cruiserweight title at the "No Mercy" event. Chris Benoit beat Albert and Zach Gowen beat Matt Hardy in two more matches. The Bashams beat The APA in a team matchup. In an unusual match pitting father and daughter against each other, Vince McMahon beat Stephanie McMahon in an "I Quit" match. As a result, Stephanie lost her job as WWE's GM.

Kurt Angle beat John Cena in another match, and The Big Show beat Eddie Guerrero to win the U.S. title. Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker and kept his WWE Championship belt in a biker chain match.

Survivor Series at American Airlines Arena November 16, 2003

Kurt Angle, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Bradshaw, and Bob Holly beat Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Albert, Nathan Jones, and Matt Morgan during the "Survivor Series" event. Women's Champion Molly Holly beat Lita n a title match, and Kane beat Shane McMahon in an ambulance match.

Champions The Basham Brothers beat Los Guerreros to keep their WWE Tag Team title, and Vince McMahon beat The Undertaker in a buried alive match. Chris Jericho, Christian, Scott Steiner, Randy Orton, and Mark Henry beat Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, and The Dudley Boyz. As a result, Steve Austin was fired as co-GM of "Raw." Champion Goldberg beat Triple H in a World Heavyweight title match.

Armageddon (RAW) at TD Waterhouse Center December 14, 2003

Booker T beat Mark Henry are "Armageddon," and Randy Orton beat Rob Van Dam to win the Intercontinental title. Chris Jericho and Christian beat Lita and Trish Stratus in a team match, and Shawn Michaels beat Batista. Matt Hardy beat Maven in another match, but Maven had been injured before the match began by Batista.

In a packed Tag Team Turmoil match, Ric Flair and Batista won the World Tag Team Title in a match featuring champions The Dudley Boyz, Scott Steiner and Test, Rob Conway and Rene Dupree, The Hurricane and Rosey, Lance Storm and Val Venis, and Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade​​​. Champion Molly Holly beat Ivory in the Women's Title match. Triple H beat champion Goldberg and Kane to win the World Heavyweight Title.


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