2-Man No Scotch: How to Play the Golf Format

And What Does 'No Scotch' Even Mean?

Two golfers playing
2-Man No Scotch is a golf forman for two-person teams. Images Bazaar/Getty Images

"2-Man No Scotch" is the name of a golf tournament format for two-person teams. You can think of 2-Man No Scotch as combining elements of Chapman System and scrambles. It works like this:

  • The two team members each hit drives.
  • They switch balls to play the second strokes (each hitting the other's drive).
  • They select the best position that resulted from the second shots. And beginning with their third strokes, they play a scramble into the hole.

We'll give an example, but first, let's answer another question:

What Does 'No Scotch' Mean, Anyway?

No, "no Scotch" doesn't have anything to do with Scotch whiskey! That term tells us something about the format. We said that 2-Man No Scotch combines elements of Chapman and scrambles. What's another very common 2-person golf game? Alternate shot.

Whenever you see "Scotch" in a game's name — Scotch Foursomes and Scotch Doubles, for example — it is likely to mean that format is entirely, or at least partially, alternate shot.

This 2-person game does not involve any alternate shot, therefore it came to be called "2-Man No Scotch."

Example: Playing the 2-Man No Scotch Format

We'll call our team members Rafael and Michelle. Both golfers tee off, so Rafael and Michelle hit their respective drives.

But when they walk forward to the balls, Michelle goes to Rafael's ball and Rafael goes to Michelle's ball. They switch drives, in other words. This is the Chapman part of the format.

Both golfers play their second shots, then they walk forward to the golf balls' new locations. Which ball is in the better position? Let's say Michelle's second shot is in the best spot. So Rafael picks up his second shot, and both golfers play their third strokes from the spot of Michelle's ball. This is the scramble part of the format.

And they continue playing a scramble into the hole. (In Chapman, rather than switching to a scramble after the second shots, they would have played alternate shot from that point. But there is no alternate shot in this format — hence, "no Scotch.") The golfer who holes out first provides the score for the team. (Or, if playing with handicaps, the low net score of the two golfers is the team score.)

And that's 2-Man No Scotch, not to be confused with 2-Man Scramble.