1999 US Open: Payne Stewart's Last Win

Payne Stewart celebrates victory after sinking his final putt during the last day of the 1999 US Open
Payne Stewart celebrates victory in the 1999 US Open. Harry How/Getty Images

Payne Stewart never won again after the 1999 U.S. Open - he was killed in a plane crash months later. But he died as the reigning U.S. Open champion.

Quick Bits

  • Winner: Payne Stewart, 279
  • Dates: June 17-20, 1999
  • Location: Pinehurst Resort (No. 2 Course) in Pinehurst, North Carolina
  • Tournament number: This was the 99th time the U.S. Open tournament was played.

How the 1999 US Open Was Won

The indelible image from the 1999 U.S. Open is that of Payne Stewart thrusting his fist into the air, one leg kicked out behind him, after the winning putt found the cup on the 72nd hole of play.

There is now a statue of Stewart's celebration pose behind the 18th green of the famed No. 2 course at Pinehurst Resort, site of the 1999 U.S. Open.

It was Stewart's second U.S. Open victory, the last of his three majors, and his final win on the PGA Tour. Stewart, 42 years old, died in a plane crash later in the year.

Stewart started the final round with a 1-stroke lead over Phil Mickelson, who was wearing a beeper because his wife Amy was due to give birth to their first child (Amy delivered the next day).

Mickelson took the lead after the 12th hole, but Stewart climbed back into a share when Mickelson bogeyed the 16th hole. Stewart regained the outright lead with a birdie to Mickelson's par on the 17th. And then Stewart sealed the championship with an 18-foot par putt on the final hole.

After that putt dropped, and after his celebratory fist-in-the-air, Stewart cradled the disappointed Mickelson's face in his hands and told him, "You are going to love being a father."

It was the first runner-up finish in a U.S. Open by Mickelson. Mickelson went on to set the tournament record for second-place finishes with six (he never won this major, although he won five others).

Vijay Singh had his best-ever finish in a U.S. Open this year, tying for third with Tiger Woods, two strokes behind Stewart.

Stewart also won the 1991 U.S. Open. His victory here made him the third golfer in the 1990s to win two U.S. Opens. The other two were Lee Janzen and Ernie Els.

1999 U.S. Open Scores

Results from the 1999 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-70 No. 2 Course at Pinehurst Resort and Country Club in the Village of Pinehurst, N.C. (a-amateur):

Payne Stewart, $625,00068-69-72-70-279
Phil Mickelson, $370,00067-70-73-70-280
Tiger Woods, $196,79268-71-72-70-281
Vijay Singh, $196,79269-70-73-69-281
Steve Stricker, $130,65570-73-69-73-285
Tim Herron, $116,93569-72-70-75-286
David Duval, $96,26067-70-75-75-287
Jeff Maggert, $96,26071-69-74-73-287
Hal Sutton, $96,26069-70-76-72-287
Darren Clarke, $78,86373-70-74-71-288
Billy Mayfair, $78,86367-72-74-75-288
Paul Goydos, $67,34767-74-74-74-289
Davis Love III, $67,34770-73-74-72-289
Paul Azinger, $67,34772-72-75-70-289
Colin Montgomerie, $58,21572-72-74-72-290
Justin Leonard, $58,21569-75-73-73-290
John Huston, $46,75671-69-75-76-291
Scott Verplank, $46,75672-73-72-74-291
Dudley Hart, $46,75673-73-76-69-291
Jim Furyk, $46,75669-73-77-72-291
Jay Haas, $46,75674-72-73-72-291
Jesper Parnevik, $46,75671-71-76-73-291
Miguel Jimenez, $33,50573-70-72-77-292
D.A. Weibring, $33,50569-74-74-75-292
Tom Scherrer, $33,50572-72-74-74-292
Nick Price, $33,50571-74-74-73-292
Brian Watts, $33,50569-73-77-73-292
Tom Lehman, $26,18673-74-73-73-293
David Berganio, $26,18668-77-76-72-293
Bob Estes, $23,80570-71-77-76-294
Geoffrey Sisk, $23,80571-72-76-75-294
Sven Struver, $22,44970-76-75-74-295
Stewart Cink, $22,44972-74-78-71-295
Rocco Mediate, $19,08469-72-76-79-296
Corey Pavin, $19,08474-71-78-73-296
Gabriel Hjertstedt, $19,08475-72-79-70-296
Craig Parry, $19,08469-73-79-75-296
Brad Fabel, $19,08469-75-78-74-296
Steve Pate, $19,08470-75-75-76-296
Carlos Franco, $19,08469-77-73-77-296
Esteban Toledo, $19,08470-72-76-78-296
Stephan Allan, $15,06871-74-77-75-297
Len Mattiace, $15,06872-75-75-75-297
Chris Perry, $15,06872-74-75-76-297
Gary Hallberg, $15,06874-72-75-76-297
Brandel Chamblee, $12,06073-74-74-77-298
Jim Carter, $12,06073-70-78-77-298
Lee Janzen, $12,06074-73-76-75-298
David Lebeck, $12,06074-70-78-76-298
Robert Allenby, $12,06074-72-76-76-298
Steve Elkington, $10,30571-72-79-77-299
Chris Tidland, $10,30571-75-75-78-299
Jason Tyska, $9,56272-74-75-79-300
Greg Kraft, $9,56270-73-82-75-300
Spike McRoy, $9,56270-74-76-80-300
Phillip Price, $9,56271-73-75-81-300
Jerry Kelly, $8,84073-74-79-75-301
Tom Watson, $8,84075-70-77-79-301
Kaname Yokoo, $8,84068-74-78-81-301
Tom Kite, $8,46074-72-80-76-302
John Cook, $8,46074-73-77-78-302
Bob Tway, $8,17869-77-79-78-303
Chris Smith, $8,17869-77-77-80-303
Larry Mize, $7,96669-75-84-76-304
a-Hank Kuehne72-75-81-78-306
Bob Burns, $7,75571-76-84-77-308
Ted Tryba, $7,75572-75-82-79-308
John Daly, $7,54368-77-81-83-309

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