The 1984 Ford Mustang Anniversary Edition GT350

Ford's Salute to Twenty Years of Mustang

1984 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustang
Of the 5,260 anniversary Mustangs made available, only 104 Turbo GT350 convertible models were created, each featuring the 2.3L turbocharged engine option. Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

In 1984, Ghostbusters debuted on the big screen, Michael Jackson was successfully pitching Pepsi “The Choice of a New Generation,” and Ford celebrated 20 years of Mustang. In honor of the special occasion, the company devised a plan to celebrate the milestone. The end result was the 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustang package. The cars, which were all based off of a standard 1984 Mustang, were built in just 35 days and featured an Oxford White exterior with red trim and a red interior.

While the car’s speedometer was limited to the legally mandated 85 mph display, the 20th Anniversary Edition Mustang was no slouch. The 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder model, which produced 145-horsepower, was capable of burying the needle with ease. Of course, those looking for even more power were able to select from a 5.0L carbureted 5-speed and a 5.0L EFI powered model, each resulting in additional performance gains. According to reports, the 2.3L turbo model could clear 60 mph in around 8 seconds with a quarter mile time of around 16 seconds. The 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustang package also featured numerous suspension upgrades, such as a TRX handing package, including a four-link rear axle and coil springs along with gas-filled shock absorbers.

Highlights of the 1984 Mustang GT350

  • Available in either Hatchback or Convertible
  • Three Engine Options: 2.3L turbocharged four-cylinder, 5.0L carbureted, 5.0L EFI
  • Marchal Fog Lamps
  • Oxford White Exterior with Red Trim
  • Canyon Red Interior
  • Limited to 5,260 units

Celebrating Twenty Years

On the outside, the 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustang package boasted dark red GT350 racing stripes as well as dark red side body moldings. The goal here, it seems, was to outfit the car in a way that would be special for many years to come. Ford’s typical 5.0 emblems were replaced with classic Tri-bar running horse emblems, all paying homage to twenty years of Mustang. Other exterior features included Marchal fog lamps in the front and a non-functional air dam. Those looking to add even more flair to their ride had the option of purchasing a T-top roof on hatchback models, a sunroof, and a rear decklid spoiler. The car rode on P220/55R390 Michelin TRX tires, matched with three-spoke aluminum wheels.

Interior Anniversary Accents

As with its exterior, the 1984 Ford Mustang GT350 anniversary Mustang featured numerous interior accents such as Canyon Red cloth interior fabric, dark red high-back buckets seats matched to halo headrests, an optional premium sound package, and a turbo gauge on those models equipped with the turbo option. Other interior features included a center console with a clock, optional map light between the car’s sun visors, and power windows, locks, steering, you name it. Ford even offered optional tinted windows and cruise control.

A Limited-Edition Pony

Of the 5,260 anniversary Mustangs made available, only 104 Turbo GT350 convertible models were created, each featuring the 2.3L turbocharged engine option. In all, it’s been reported that only 350 of the cars, both hatchback and convertible, featured the turbo engine.

Of note, this would be the last time a Ford product would use the name “GT350” until Carroll Shelby returned to making the GT350 in 2011. Shelby had sold Ford the Cobra name to use when they parted ways with the company but had not given Ford the right to use the iconic GT350 moniker. The end result was a lawsuit between the two companies.

While not the most popular of Ford’s special-edition Mustangs, the cars do continue to show up at car shows and auctions across the country. Some companies even offer 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustang package stripe kits for those looking to make tribute 20th Anniversary Edition GT350 Mustangs.