1957 Ryder Cup: A Rare Win (in This Era) for GB&I

Dai Rees 1957 Ryder Cup
Dai Rees captained Team Great Britain to victory in the 1957 Ryder Cup. Hulton Archive / Getty Images

In the 21 Ryder Cup tournaments played from 1935 through 1983, this is the only one the United States lost, the only one Great Britain & Ireland/Europe won.

Dates: Oct. 4-5, 1957
Score: Great Britain 7.5, USA 4.5
Site: Lindrick Club in Yorkshire, England
Captains: USA - Jack Burke Jr.; Great Britain - Dai Rees

Both teams' captains also played in the matches. Following the results here, the overall standing of the Ryder Cup was nine wins for Team USA and three wins for Team GB&I.

1957 Ryder Cup Team Rosters

United States

  • Tommy Bolt
  • Jack Burke Jr.
  • Dow Finsterwald
  • Doug Ford
  • Ed Furgol
  • Fred Hawkins
  • Lionel Hebert
  • Ted Kroll
  • Dick Mayer
  • Art Wall •

Great Britain & Ireland

  • Peter Alliss, England
  • Ken Bousfield, England
  • Harry Bradshaw, Ireland
  • Eric Brown, Scotland
  • Max Faulkner, England
  • Bernard Hunt, England
  • Peter Mills, England
  • Christy O'Connor Sr., Ireland
  • Dai Rees, Wales
  • Harry Weetman, England

Notes on the 1957 Ryder Cup

Team Great Britain won the 1933 Ryder Cup, and Team Europe won the 1985 Ryder Cup. And in-between? The 1957 Ryder Cup is the only other win in that stretch for the Great Britain/Europe side. (There was also one tie in that stretch.)

Dai Rees was the player-captain for the British side, and he was 2-0-0. (Two matches per player was the maximum - Day 1 consisted of four, 36-hole foursomes matches; Day 2 had eight 36-hole singles matches.)

Team USA led following the foursomes by a 3-1 score. The only point for GB&I was earned by the team of Rees and Ken Bousfield, who defeated Art Wall/Fred Hawkins.

But on the second day of the tournament, Great Britain dominated the singles session. Of the eight singles games, the British lost only one. Eric Brown and Peter Mills opened with wins in the first two games, respectively to even the score at 3-3. Peter Alliss' loss to Hawkins put Great Britain behind 4-3, but then the Brits nearly ran the table (Dick Mayer salvaged a half-point for the U.S. side in the final singles game).

Rees and Christy O'Connor each won his singles match by a 7-and-6 score, Rees over Ed Furgol and O'Connor over Dow Finsterwald. And Bousfield chipped in by beating Lionel Hebert.

Despite winning, there was controversy in the British locker room. Max Faulkner and Harry Weetman teamed in one of GB&I's Day 1 foursomes losses. Captain Rees decided those two golfers were the ones who had to sit out the singles sessions (only 8 of 10 golfers per side played singles at this time in Ryder Cup history).

Weetman was furious at the benching; later, he vented his frustration in public and vowed never again to play for a Rees-captained Ryder Cup team. The PGA of Great Britain reacted by issuing a 1-year suspension of Weetman. Rees, however, stepped in on Weetman's behalf, urging the suspension be revoked, and it eventually was. And Weetman did, in fact, play on two more Rees-captained Ryder Cup squads.

Day 1 Results


  • Doug Ford/Dow Finsterwald, U.S., def. Peter Alliss/Bernard Hunt, GB, 2 and 1
  • Ken Bousfield/Dai Rees, GB, def. Art Wall/Fred Hawkins, US, 3 and 2
  • Ted Kroll/Jack Burke Jr., U.S., def. Max Faulkner/Harry Weetman, GB, 4 and 3
  • Dick Mayer/Tommy Bolt, U.S., def. Christy O'Connor Sr./Eric Brown, GB, 7 and 5

Day 2 Results


  • Eric Brown, GB, def. Tommy Bolt, U.S., 4 and 3
  • Peter Mills, GB, def. Jack Burke Jr., U.S., 5 and 3
  • Fred Hawkins, U.S., def. Peter Alliss, GB, 2 and 1
  • Ken Bousfield, GB, def. Lionel Hebert, U.S., 4 and 3
  • Dai Rees, GB, def. Ed Furgol, U.S., 7 and 6
  • Bernard Hunt, GB, def. Doug Ford, U.S., 6 and 5
  • Christy O'Connor Sr., GB, def. Dow Finsterwald, U.S., 7 and 6
  • Dick Mayer, U.S., halved with Harry Bradshaw, GB

Player Records at the 1957 Ryder Cup

Each golfer's record, listed as wins-losses-halves:

United States

  • Tommy Bolt, 1-1-0
  • Jack Burke Jr., 1-1-0
  • Dow Finsterwald, 1-1-0
  • Doug Ford, 1-1-0
  • Ed Furgol, 0-1-0
  • Fred Hawkins, 1-1-0
  • Lionel Hebert, 0-1-0
  • Ted Kroll, 1-0-0
  • Dick Mayer, 1-0-1
  • Art Wall, 0-1-0 •

Great Britain & Ireland

  • Peter Alliss, 0-2-0
  • Ken Bousfield, 2-0-0
  • Harry Bradshaw, 0-0-1
  • Eric Brown, 1-1-0
  • Max Faulkner, 0-1-0
  • Bernard Hunt, 1-1-0
  • Peter Mills, 1-0-0
  • Christy O'Connor Sr., 1-1-0
  • Dai Rees, 2-0-0
  • Harry Weetman, 0-1-0