1930 British Open: Jones' Grand Slam Year

1930 British Open winner Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones in 1930, the year of his final British Open victory. Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Bobby Jones won the "Grand Slam" in 1930, and his victory in the 1930 British Open was the second of his four Grand Slam wins. It followed by a week Jones' win at the British Amateur.

By winning here, Jones became only the second golfer to win both the British Amateur and British Open in the same year. John Ball was the first to accomplish the feat in 1890.

Jones was in or near the lead throughout, his first-round 70 tying him atop the leaderboard.

Jones moved one clear after the second round, but Englishman Archie Compston's third-round 68 moved Compston one stroke in front of Jones.

In the fourth round, however, Compston fell apart, carding an 82. Jones wasn't at his best, either, with a 75, but a brilliant greenside bunker shot on the 16th hole to within inches of the cup saved Jones' round.

Jones got into the clubhouse at 291, with Leo Diegel and Macdonald Smith still on the course having chances to catch him. Neither did; instead, Diegel and Smith tied for second, two strokes behind Jones.

This was the last time an amateur won the Open Championship.

Jones left Britain with half of the Grand Slam in his bag; he went on to win the 1930 U.S. Open (where Macdonald Smith was again runner-up) and U.S. Amateur to complete the feat. At age 28, he retired from competitive golf following the 1930 season.

One exit of note this year: 1907 British Open champion Arnaud Massy missed the cut in his final appearance in an Open Championship.

1930 British Open Golf Tournament Scores

Results from the 1930 British Open golf tournament played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England (a-amateur):

a-Bobby Jones70-72-74-75--291
Leo Diegel74-73-71-75--293
Macdonald Smith70-77-75-71--293
Fred Robson71-72-78-75--296
Horton Smith72-73-78-73--296
Jim Barnes71-77-72-77--297
Archie Compston74-73-68-82--297
Henry Cotton70-79-77-73--299
Thomas Barber75-76-72-77--300
Auguste Boyer73-77-70-80--300
Charles Whitcombe74-75-72-79--300
Bert Hodson74-77-76-74--301
Abe Mitchell75-78-77-72--302
Reg Whitcombe78-72-73-79--302
a-Donald Moe74-73-76-80--303
Philip Rodgers74-73-76-80--303
Percy Alliss75-74-77-79--305
William Large78-74-77-76--305
Ernest Whitcombe80-72-76-77--305
Arthur Young75-78-78-74--305
Harry Crapper78-73-80-75--306
Pierre Hirigoyen75-79-76-76--306
Harry Large79-74-78-75--306
Stewart Burns77-75-80-75--307
William H. Davies78-77-73-79--307
Arthur Lacey78-79-74-76--307
Ted Ray78-75-76-78--307
Norman Sutton72-80-76-79--307
Tom Green73-79-78-78--308
Duncan McCulloch78-78-79-74--309
Alf Perry78-74-75-82--309
Marcel Dallemagne79-72-79-80--310
Len Holland75-78-80-77--310
Albert Isherwood75-77-78-80--310
Percy Weston81-77-76-76--310
a-Lister Hartley79-78-79-75--311
Edward Jarman76-76-79-80--311
William Nolan78-79-74-80--311
James Bradbeer77-77-76-82--312
William Branch81-77-78-76--312
Alf Padgham78-80-74-80--312
Owen Sanderson83-74-77-78--312
J.J. Taylor76-78-82-76--312
George Gadd78-78-73-84--313
D.C. Jones75-77-82-79--313
Charles McIlvenny76-75-79-83--313
William Twine78-78-78-79--313
Ernest Kenyon79-76-79-80--314
William McMinn82-75-77-80--314
Bob Bradbeer81-74-80-81--316
Sydney Fairweather77-78-79-82--316
H. Rimmer79-79-79-80--317
a-William Sutton78-76-81-82--317
a-Cyril Tolley84-71-80-82--317
a-Harry Bentley76-78-86-78--318
Harry Kidd79-75-85-80--319
C.W. Thomson81-74-81-83--319
William Gimber76-78-81-85--320
a-Raymond Oppenheimer79-78-82-82--321
a-Donald Soulby75-82-82-83--322

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