12 Ways to Rock the Gray Hair Color Trend

Silver fox alert.

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Instagram's Best #grannyhair: @mirandahedman

Instagram @mirandahedman

I've spent the majority of my career as a hairstylist trying my best to rid the population of gray hair. Imagine my surprise when young, beautiful women started requesting gray hair. I'm still not 100% on board with this trend, but then again, ombre hair took me a couple of years to embrace as well.

If you're going to go with #grannyhair, you'll want to know exactly what you're getting into. Gray hair requires a very light base, which means dark hair will have to be lightened (bleached) to a blonde color before using a gray color or toner to achieve the gray. While gray colors are becoming a lot more accessible with this new trend, it doesn't mean that all hairstylists have learned the skill. Do your research and make sure your stylist knows what she's doing before making your #grannyhair appointment.

This gray color on @mirandahedman is not only a perfect shade of gray, but the dark base gives the color a unique and mysterious vibe.

Hair by @trudesfrisorer.

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Photo: Instagram @mynameisjoela

The bright white highlights set the gray base color off with perfection, as shown off by @mynameisjoela. I love the dimension in this #grannyhair.

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Photo: Instagram @kianamccomb

I'd be proud of this stunning #grannyhair. Bravo to stylist, @kianamccomb  on this incredible look. The dimension is amazing.

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Instagram @juelhairnmakeup

Another dark base gray #grannyhair trend. I love the edginess of this look by @juelhairnmakeup.

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#miss_inga_'s super subtle icy gray hue is a softer way to go gray.

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Instagram @ada_bonny

Speaking of subtle, I love this barely gray hue on @ada_bonny. Sometimes a color like this makes a great transition to full on gray hair.

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Instagram @styleelin

If you're going to have #grannyhair, a modern granny bun is an obvious styling choice.@styleelin's bun is perfect for showing off gray hair.

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Instagram jeffreyrobert_

This deep smokey #grannyhair by @jeffreyrobert_ is a bold gray hair look. The before/after photo really shows off the skill of the colorist, and the final effect is absolutely beautiful. i think the messy waves on this look make it that much more incredible.

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Instagram trishabickhart

This is one of my favorite soft gray hues on @trishabickhart.

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Fun and subtle, this #grannyhair is wonderfully executed by @klassixsalonandspa. She looks like she's in love with her color, too.

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Instagram @nancynancynancynancy

If you had any doubts that gray hair could be stunning, check out this #grannyhair on @nancynancynancynancy. Who knew gray hair could be so glamorous?

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Instagram @nicprescott

Ombre meets #grannyhair with this brilliantly executed collision of two trends on @nicprescott. Everything about this look is perfection.