16 Tips for Perfect Skin at Prom

Pensive teenage girl sitting at prom
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Prom night is approaching fast and if you're more concerned with your hair or dress then you are with your skin, you might be in for a prom night disaster. Perfect prom skin doesn't start the day of prom, it starts weeks before. Here are some tips to help your skin glow on prom night. Ready, set, go!

Two Weeks Before Prom

  • Nail Prep: Dry cuticles? Nails a mess? Apply nail oil once a day to soften the skin around your nails. This will strengthen the nail itself, as well. (A dab of olive oil will work fine.)
    Cut and file your nails and put on clear polish once a week. This will ensure your nails are healthy and strong so you won't be likely to break a nail the night before your big day. (Been there!)
  • Get Your Color On: Not from a tanning bed, please. Tanning before age 30 ups your cancer risk by 75%.
    Using a buildable sunless tanner like Jergens Natural Glow will gradually give your skin a natural golden color. Start early, perfect your application and don't go overboard. Use it every other day or every third day for a few weeks before prom so you can build up a color suitable to your skin tone. Just make sure you exfoliate before you apply the self-tanner.
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliating is the key to smooth, soft, and flake-free skin. Be sure to exfoliate the skin on your body at least once a week. Buy a body exfoliator or make your own by combining a big squirt of body wash with a handful of white sugar. Make sure you apply body lotion after your shower every day. You can even buy a lotion that you can apply in the shower.
  • Use a Face Mask: Get a leg up on acne, clogged pores, and blackheads before the big day approaches. Using a clay face mask two times a week will help clear clogged pores and minimize acne. Use a spot treatment product on blemishes. Even if a pimple hasn't appeared yet but you feel it coming apply your spot treatment. If you happen to have breakouts on prom day, simply use a concealer. You won't be the only one.
  • Check Out Your Eyebrows: You probably do not need any tweezing or waxing, but if you do, get them done by a professional and then do the upkeep at home. If you are going to wax, we recommend getting your brows waxed one week before prom.
  • Practice Your Makeup Look:  If you are going to do your makeup yourself or get it done professionally, be sure to have a test done before the big day. Not being happy with your makeup at prom can ruin what should be a very fun night.
    You might be tempted to go all out with your makeup, but trust us, don't! You want to look back at your prom pictures and think you were beautiful, not caked with makeup. Love super smoky eyes? Go for lip gloss over lipstick. Can you rock red lipstick? Choose a lighter eyeshadow and mascara and forget about the eyeliner. Experiment before prom so you have your plan the night of the dance.

Prom Night

  • Get Your Shimmer On: Use a product with fine particles of mica to show off your inner glow. We're not talking sparkles, but sophisticated shimmer. Apply a touch of illuminating moisturizer or powder on your shoulders, chest, and neck.
  • Use Mineral Makeup: Mineral makeup can give you the coverage of a liquid or cream foundation, but it is much healthier for your skin. And you decrease your risk of cake face. L'Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation is a good choice.
  • Avoid Perfume Overload: A dab of perfume on your neck and wrists is all that is needed for a sophisticated scent. Even if you see your friends spraying all over their dresses, avoid! Nothing is worse than a prom date who can't breathe around you.

Things to Pack in Your Handbag

  • Blotting Tissues: When your face starts to look oily, shiny, or sweaty you'll be so glad you brought blotting tissues. Simply blot your skin with a blotting tissue and toss in the garbage. It will soak up all of the oil and your skin won't look shiny in pictures. Pack extras; your friends will be borrowing.
  • A Compact: After you use the blogging tissues, put on a bit of powder to keep your skin looking finished.
  • Lip Balm: Lipstick can leave your lips dry. Who wants dry, chapped lips showing in prom photos? Lip balm will leave them looking shiny, smooth, and feeling soft.
  • Deodorant: Prom night is long, your dress might be heavy and chances are good you are going to sweat. Packing a travel-size deodorant in your handbag is a good idea.
  • Band-Aids: If you bought a new pair of shoes for prom, chances are good they are not broken in yet. Having band-aids in your purse will make sure you're not the one going barefoot. (Or you could skip the dress shoes and go with some cute chucks.)
  • Bobby Pins: In case the beautiful prom hairstyle starts to fall. You can easily fix it with a bobby pin or two.
  • Safety Pins: Many times those small spaghetti straps break early in the night. What a nightmare if you don't have a safety pin or two tucked away.
  • Breath Mints: Better yet? A cheap toothbrush to brush after your prom dinner. Brush and throw away. Going out for Italian? Garlic breath is gone.