15 London Street Style Outfits With Jeans

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You'll Want to Try These Stylish Jeans Looks

Street style photo of woman in distressed jeans and leopard coat
Travel to the stylish streets of London in our photo guide to denim style. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

When it comes to fashion inspiration, one of my favorite sources is what real-life women are wearing on the streets of the most stylish cities in the world. Travel with me now to London, as we take a look at 15 stunning street style looks with jeans captured by roving fashion photographers. You'll find plenty of outfit ideas here for how to wear your jeans, from dressed up to dressed down looks.

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Bomber Jacket With High-Rise Jeans

Woman in jeans and a bomber jacket
Layer a trendy bomber jacket over your jeans. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Funda Christophersen, a Danish fashion blogger and style director of online mag Luelle, is expert at taking ordinary wardrobe items and making them look fashion-forward. Here, she puts together a go-to outfit for casual days, with high-rise jeans (these are from the London brand Topshop), a trendy olive bomber jacket and classic accessories.

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Layered Casual Outfit with Grey Jeans

London street style look in J Crew jeans. Kirstin Sinclair

Model and DJ Lady Mary Charteris was captured in this stylish, layered look in London recently. Take a look at how she smartly layers belted, slim grey jeans with a tee-shirt and cardigan in similar shades, then pulls the whole outfit together with a classic moto jacket. The genius idea here is the long, printed scarf worn underneath the sweater, so it flows out unexpectedly, adding graphic interest and femininity to an otherwise tough look.

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Plaid Coat and Boyfriend Jeans

Plaid jacket and Levi's jeans. Kirstin Sinclair

I'm mad about plaid, and so are the ladies of London. Here's a street style look that would look right in any city. A coat in colorful plaid is an effortless way to dress up a basic jeans and tee-shirt outfit. This is a great look to pull yourself together quickly in the morning, during transitional seasons. Learn cool ways to roll up your jeans, as these by Levi's, with my guide to how to cuff your jeans stylishly.

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Black Jeans and Camel Coat

London street style jeans Glamour editor. Kirstin Sinclair

Sometimes, a woman is smart to stick with the basics. Fashion editors -- and real women everywhere -- love the classic fashion combination of slim black jeans and a camel overcoatfor colder seasons, as pictured here on Glamour UK Beauty Director Alessandra Steinheer. Straight leg jeans, such as these by retailer H&M, fit easily over trendy wedge ankle boots. Steinheer smartly matches her top to her pants, creating a column of black that creates a slimming effect under the lighter coat.

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Flare Jeans and Quilted Jacket

Street style photo of woman in flare jeans and quilted jacket
Flare jeans can be the basis of a dressy outfit. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Putting together a stylish outfit with jeans sometimes means imagining them as something else. This outfit could easily have been styled with black pants, but how clever-cool does it look with flare jeans instead? Fashion blogger Laura Tonda wears her wide-leg flares with a quilted jacket, ladylike chain purse and a gorgeous floral necklace by Anne Sofie Madsen.

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Leopard Print and Jeans

Street style photo of woman wearing leopard print and distressed jeans
Shredded jeans meet ladylike style in leopard print. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Fashion magic sometimes happens when two things that might not seem to go together, are thrown into the same outfit mix. Here, fashion blogger Anisa Sojka blew everyone's minds during a recent London Fashion Week when she matched a luxurious, ladylike leopard print coat and boots with youthful, ultra-shreddedjeans. Bridging the gap is a Givenchy bag in a fresh color. The overall effect, in American-speak, is upper east side meets lower west side -- and totally cool. 

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Patchwork Jeans and Biker Outfit

Patchwork jeans Paige London street style photography. Kirstin Sinclair

When it comes to trends worn by fashionistas and students around the world, the patchwork boyfriend jean is one that's still going strong. In this street style fashion photo from the streets of London, fashion blogger Soraya Bakhtiar chooses to pair her laid-back patchwork jeanswith a studded biker jacket, wide-brimmed fedora and sneakers borrowed from the guys, to create a fashionable casual look that's attracts attention.

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Distressed Jeans and High End Accessories

Street style photo of woman in distressed jeans
Upgrade your distressed jeans with designer accessories. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

What's one sure-fire way to instantly upgrade a pair of distressed jeans and a black sweater? Mix them with high-end designer accessories, as patron of the British Fashion Council Michelle Jen Yeoh did, when she wore her AG Jeans with Christian Louboutin shoes, Dolce and Gabbana bag and Fendi sunglasses. We can't all play at this price point, but we can respect the game.

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Shredded Boyfriend Jeans and Biker Jacket

Shredded jeans street style from London. Kirstin Sinclair

Here's how trendy ultra-distressed jeans are being worn stylishly on the streets of London, England. A moto-style leather jacket and menswear blue oxford shirt lend effortless chic to casually cuffed, shredded jeans. A knit cap adds warmth when the temperature dips, while old school sneakers keep this outfit comfortable and chill (in a good way).

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Wrap Coat and Straight Leg Jeans

Street style photo of woman in cuffed jeans and long coat
A long wrap coat looks glamorous over cuffed jeans. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

During the cooler months, when you need a topper for your outfit, you can't go wrong layering a soft, wrap-style coat over your jeans. This is a great way to add style to a go-to pair of cuffed, straight leg jeans, as fashion blogger Natalia Georgala shows here, no matter what else you're wearing. I won't lie though, I covet her Emilio Pucci bag.

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Tailored Navy Blazer and Skinny Jeans

Blazer and jeans London street style fashion. Kirstin Sinclair

Stylish women from Kate Middleton to Cameron Diaz rely on the figure flattering silhouette of a tailored blazer over skinny jeans. Here, London-based fashion blogger Peony Lim strikes a pose in a sharply-cut navy jacket, white tee-shirt and skinnies worn with black ankle boots. For the same effect, shop for a navy or black blazer that fits perfectly at the shoulders and nips in at the natural waist to highlight your torso's slimmest point. A jacket that falls just below the hip bones will provide great coverage for hips, too.

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Blue Outfit with Flare Jeans

Flare jeans London street style fashion. Kirstin Sinclair

How stylish is Say Lou Lou singer Elektra Silby in this street style fashion outfit, as photographed in London? The vocalist paired vintage blue jean flares with a blue hoodie and blue designer handbag, for a high street meets low street mash-up that works beautifully. You could wear this stylishly casually outfit anywhere from school to running errands to meet-the-teacher night.

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Statement Bag and Skinny Jeans Outfit

Hermes purse and jeans outfit. Kirstin Sinclair

I couldn't continue with my London street style retrospective without taking a closer look at this Hermes bag. Most stylish European women live by the code that high-quality accessories elevate even the most inexpensive fast fashion clothes. Witness how this designer handbag raises the fashion quotient of the H&M jeans and Gap shirt worn by fashion blogger Peony Lim.

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Faux Fur and Printed Jeans

Model Sam Rollinson in jeans and faux fur. Kirstin Sinclair

I love this fresh take on ethical faux fur styled by off-duty supermodel Sam Rollison. The runway walker was snapped on the streets of London wearing printed jeans by Rag and Bone, topped with a lush faux mink jacket. The bright pop of color in her purse is a genius way to brighten an otherwise sombre color palette. Biker boots look great with this ensemble, but you could also wear it with leg-lengthening high heels.

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High Waisted Jeans and Fringe Jacket

High waisted jeans London street style fashion. Kirstin Sinclair

Not everyone can wear more than one major fashion trend at once. Model Gizel Oliveira was snapped recently in London working it in trendy high waisted jeans, a fringed leather jacket and top with sheer panel. While I'm not necessarily recommending that you follow her lead, it's hard not to find her confidence inspiring.

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