10 New Love Songs for Valentine's Day 2016

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Nathan Sykes - "Over and Over Again" featuring Ariana Grande

Nathan Sykes Over and Over Again Ariana Grande
Nathan Sykes - "Over and Over Again" featuring Ariana Grande. Courtesy Global Music

"So don't ever think I need more

I've got the one to live for

No one else will do."

Nathan Sykes first gained acclaimed as the youngest member of boy band The Wanted. He wrote the unabashedly romantic love ballad "Over and Over Again." It became his second pop hit single at home in the UK and his first to hit the top 10. In the US it has been released in a new version with Ariana Grande on duet vocals. Nathan Sykes says he wrote "Over and Over Again" because he was tired of writing about breakups and near relationships. He says, "Yes, I wrote a nice love song."

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Rachel Platten - "Stand By You"

Rachel Platten Stand By You
Rachel Platten - "Stand By You". Courtesy Columbia

"Even if we're breaking down, we find a way to break through

Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through hell with you

Love, you're not alone, cause I'm gonna stand by you." 

Rachel Platten soared in the charts last year with her empowering top 10 smash "Fight Song." Now she has returned with a single about the power of standing by each other through the hard times as well as the good. The song was co-written with Jack Antonoff of the band's fun and Bleachers. "Stand By You," with its hand-clapping, uplifting chorus, is a top 10 hit at adult pop radio.

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Rob Thomas - "Hold On Forever"

Rob Thomas Hold On Forever
Rob Thomas - "Hold On Forever". Courtesy Atlantic

"Take my hand, hold on forever

Just fall apart if you need to

I'm here and I won't leave you now." 

Rob Thomas' latest single "Hold On Forever" has been touted as a great wedding song. It is a catchy pop-folk tune about keeping each other warm through the good and the bad in life. The song is the second single from his album The Great Unknown. It has reached the top 20 on the adult pop radio chart.

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Rudimental - "Lay It All On Me" featuring Ed Sheeran

Rudimental Lay It All On Me
Rudimental - "Lay It All On Me" featuring Ed Sheeran. Courtesy Asylum

"Just let your heart be free

You got a friend in me

I'll be your shoulder at anytime you need."

Rudimental are an English dance pop band who have scored two #1 pop hit singles at home in the UK. "Lay It All On Me" is their first hit in the US. They climbed into the charts with a little help from co-writer and featured vocalist Ed Sheeran. The band says, "We've been through a lot of ups and downs the last few years of touring and saying goodbye to family and missing home, so it's a song about sticking together and brotherhood." "Lay It All On Me" is a top 20 hit at both mainstream pop and adult pop radio.

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The Chainsmokers - "Roses" featuring ROZES

The Chainsmokers Roses
The Chainsmokers - "Roses" featuring Rozes. Courtesy Columbia

"We could be beautiful

Get drunk on the good life, I'll take you to paradise

Say you'll never let me go."

Many of us thought The Chainsmokers were a one-hit wonder after their novely hit "#Selfie." Now they are back with haunting dance-pop on "Roses." Now they have returned with an elegant, rhythmic dance-pop hit. The song has climbed to #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 out-performing "#Selfie" and it has reached the top 10 at mainstream pop radio.

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Borns - "Electric Love"

Borns Electric Love
Borns - "Electric Love". Courtesy Interscope

"Baby, you're like lightning in a bottle

I can't let you go now that I got it

And all I need is to be struck by your electric love." 

Borns is singer-songwriter Garrett Borns who grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan. "Electric Love" is his breakthrough hit single peaking inside the top 15 at alternative and rock radio. The song creates an analogy between the intensity of being in love and a drug rush. The singer says its an "anthemic love song about this fantasy of this lover."

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Jess Glynne - "Hold My Hand"

Jess Glynne Hold My Hand
Jess Glynne - "Hold My Hand". Courtesy Atlantic

"When you're next to me can tell I'm not afraid to be

That you don't make me wait, and never let me break

You never let me fall." 

We first got to know Jess Glynne as the voice behind Clean Bandit's breakthrough top 10 pop hit single "Rather Be." Her first solo hit in the US "Hold My Hand" has hit #1 on the pop singles chart in the UK. Jess Glynne has said about the song, "It's just about somebody being there when you feel insecure in a situation and that person is just there to make you feel better." Coca-Cola featured the song in a 2015 commercial ad campaign.

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Vance Joy - "The Fire and the Flood"

Vance Joy The Fire and the Flood
Vance Joy - "The Fire and the Flood". Courtesy Liberation Music

"You're the fire and the flood

And I'll always feel you in my blood

Everything is fine when your head's resting next to mine."

Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy first released "Fire and the Flood" as a single last summer. However, it has now just truly picked up chart steam landing inside the top 5 on the alternative radio chart. The song is a look at the intensity of emotions in a powerful loving relationship.

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Zella Day - "Hypnotic"

Zella Day The Kicker
Zella Day - The Kicker. Courtesy Hollywood

"I don't wanna come back down

I don't wanna touch the ground

Pacific ocean dug so deep, hypnotic takin' over me." 

Singer-songwriter Zella Day first gained attention covering the song "Seven Nation Army" by White Stripes. Her single "Hypnotic" is a cautionary love song at Valentine's Day. Zella Day details what it's like to be hypnotised by a shallow relationship. Add this one to your playlist if Valentine's Day 2016 is a difficult one.

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Tori Kelly - "Hollow"

Tori Kelly Hollow
Tori Kelly - "Hollow". Courtesy Capitol

“Til you pick up the hearts that are broken

Pour out your perfection on me now

And hold me, wrap me in love, fill up my cup.”

Tori Kelly's "Hollow" is the first single released from the reissue of her debut album Unbreakable Smile. The song can be interpreted multiple ways in its discussion of love as something than can fill a life otherwise hollow. Tori Kelly refers to it as her "love song to God." The song is a top 30 hit at mainstream pop radio and top 20 on the dance club chart.